Providing Financial Management

& Coordination of Professional Services

for Senior Clients & their Caregivers


It can be overwhelming to have to acknowledge that we or our loved ones are in need of special care -- emotional, physical and/or financial -- as we age. Few of us are prepared for the changes which come with growing older, whether gradual or sudden. The challenge of finding the help and support we need is often more than we -- our parents or children -- are able or willing to undertake.

Offering personalized, holistic care, Gail D. Lowe, CPA manages finances and locates, coordinates and monitors services provided by other professionals.

From an initial interview, Gail will assess the situation of each individual and recommend a course of action. Fees are based on an agreed-upon contract for an appropriate continuum of care.

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Individualized continuum of care:

unparalleled oversight & peace of mind





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Holistic Elder Care

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